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Sound Clear in Online Meeting With Krisp

AI-powered app that removes background noise and echo from meetings leaving only human voice, For Mac and Windows

Virtual Backgrounds

Simply select “Krisp Camera” in your meeting app and set a desired background from Krisp.

Enjoy full control of your online meetings by combining this with other Krisp features like noise and echo removal for ultimate privacy and flexibility.

Remove background noise and experience HD Voice.

Krisp filters out any background noise from your call while maintaining HD Voice quality. Everything is happening in real time!, You won’t sound distorted or submerged any longer.

Remove background noise and experience HD Voice.

Krisp removes all unwanted noise from your call while delivering HD Voice quality. All in real time!
You won’t sound underwater or distorted anymore.

Turn off noise coming from others on calls

During meetings, Krisp eliminates all sorts of background noise and echo generated by participants. You won’t have to ask them to “turn off the music.”

Acoustic Echo and Room Echo Removal

Both the echo reverberating from the walls of an empty room and the echo caused by your own voice during the conversation are removed by Krisp, Your microphone will no longer mimic a parrot.

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In the business world, employee shortages, supply chain challenges, and never-ending concern have resulted in acute burnout. Leaders can’t afford to overlook this developing problem because it has such a huge influence on corporate growth, productivity, and retention.

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Did You Know?

You can use Krisp on all of your calls if your phone is connected to your PC. To experience noise-free calls, just place and answer calls from your computer where Krisp is installed—even from a personal phone number.

Built With AI

Krisp technology is based on deep neural networks and is trained using thousands of hours of audio.

Maximum Privacy

Krisp performs all audio processing locally. Your voice and audio will never leave your device.

Get Krisp From Here and removes background noise

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