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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

9 Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music in 2022

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-liked activities in the world is listening to music. You probably invest not only time, but also a sizeable sum of money in it, whether it be through the purchase of records or the payment of subscription fees to streaming services. But did you know that the alternative is also a possibility? Nowadays, paying to listen to music online is actually a thing!

This article will introduce 8 websites, applications, and other opportunities for earning money while regularly listening to music. Continue reading if having music to accompany your day and earning Passive Income sounds appealing.

Applications and websites

Let’s start by discussing the range of opportunities available online. You will undoubtedly discover a way to make money in your spare time with the 5 websites and applications for music lovers discussed below—all without doing any actual work!

Condition / Mode

Two names have you baffled? Don’t be confused; the music app is the same across all operating systems; the names are just different. Search for Current in the App Store if you use an iPhone; if you prefer an Android device, look for Mode in Google Play.

You can listen to the app’s over 100,000 carefully curated radio stations to earn points, and occasionally you’ll hear about additional chances to get special rewards as the music is playing. The points you accumulate on Current / Mode can be redeemed for various gift cards, goods, services, charitable donations, and more. Anyone who enjoys listening to music and discovering new artists can make a lot of money doing this! Seriously, why spend money on streaming services when Current can pay you more?

You might wonder how much money you could make using this app to listen to music. It depends on how much time you spend listening to music as well as how detailed your profile is (the more, the better!). You can easily make up to $600 per year if you work on the app for 20–30 hours per week.


Stream your favorite music and get paid real cash! That’s right, you can get paid to stream on Spoticash. It’s the only app that pays you real cash for streaming your favorite songs. You won’t believe how easy it is! Just download the app and start listening! 

Get Paid Real Cash Just By Listening to Music!

You heard right! with Spoticash, all you have to do is listen to music and you can start raking in the cash! This revolutionary software does all the work for you,  and you get ALL the profit. 

  • Continuously earn $50 every time you stream music!
  • Earn as high $395/sale through our deep funnel conversion
  • Tried and tested high conversions
  • Proven methodology for your customers to bank with this

Radio Earn

Another company that offers this service is called Radio Earn. Unlike other services that use desktop or mobile applications, Radio Earn operates through your internet browser. Talk about passive income! If you have your own website, you can integrate the player into it and make money when people use it to listen to music.

Every 15 minutes of listening earns you points with Radio Earn, and the points you accrue in a month are converted to USD. Then, you can decide whether to go for more money or more interesting rewards by choosing to cash out using a bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.

Since the earnings from Radio Earn are so low—the majority of users reported making just a few dollars per month—it can hardly be called a side business. But if you enjoy listening to music, why not take advantage of the opportunity?


For those who want to always be the first to hear new songs and have some influence over the music business, HitPredictor is a fantastic choice. The concept is straightforward: you evaluate unreleased songs by independent artists after listening to them. Your ratings have the ability to “influence record labels, radio stations, the artists, and their managers,” according to the HitPredictor website. Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it?

Similar to Radio Earn, HitPredictor lacks a dedicated music app; instead, you must use your web browser to listen to and rate music. Users are compensated for each song, and they can later redeem their points for gifts or weekly raffle tickets. Again, it’s not a particularly lucrative endeavor, but every dollar counts, and in addition to making money, you also get to meet new artists.


Slicethepie is a review website where you can make money by posting your thoughts on various topics. One of the categories you can select is new music. You can submit your rating and get paid to listen to music after hearing at least 90 seconds of a track.

Keep in mind that you will also need to write reviews for Slicethepie if you want to be paid to listen to music. Your review’s quality will determine how much you receive in compensation. Reviews that are thorough, helpful, and well-written pay better, and some categories are designated as paying more, so you can be aware of it when deciding what to review.

You’ll typically earn between $0.03-0.15 per review, which isn’t much but can add up over time. Furthermore, it will be more of a pleasure than work for true music fans!

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a great side gig for people who enjoy discovering new artists even though it isn’t technically a way to get paid to listen to music online. As a curator for Playlist Push, you can receive songs that fit the genre of your playlist to review if your Spotify playlist has 1,000+ followers.

Actually, this is fantastic in two ways: first, you get paid to listen to music and write reviews; second, you can find fantastic new songs to add to your playlist and second, you can assist your listeners in finding independent musicians and their new favorite songs. Depending on the length of your playlist and the activity of your listeners, the payment you receive per song can range from $1.25 to $15.

Full-time ways to get paid to listen to music

Others would rather have a lucrative opportunity they could pursue as their primary career choice, as opposed to those who are looking to make money on the side using apps and websites. Here are a few possibilities for you to consider if you’re also sick of your 9-to-5 job and would prefer a way to make money that would enable you to work entirely while listening to music.

DJing at parties

Why not turn your love of music, parties, and the late hours of the night into a lucrative business opportunity? One of the best ways to make money for music lovers is to work as a good DJ at any event, from birthday parties to Ibiza parties.

The drawback of this job is that most gigs will only occur at night and on weekends unless you specialize in children’s parties. Some people think this makes DJing ideal for a side business, but you can only do that if you don’t do it every week. Without a doubt, you must get enough rest before you can become the life of the party!

Working at a music store

Even though it might seem like streaming services are the rage right now, music stores are still around. Although there are less of them now than there were in the 1980s, true music lovers still value the sounds of a well-produced record. It’s true that it’s not by chance that vinyl records are becoming more and more popular.

In all honesty, you’ll have a blast if you’re able to land a job at a music store. Spending days on end browsing CDs and band gear? recommending fresh musicians for your clients to explore? organizing signing events and acoustic performances, perhaps? Count us in!

Reviewing new artists and songs

The success of your content creation venture will largely depend on the niche you choose. You can make money doing what you love while simultaneously highlighting the subjects that most interest you, whether that’s writing blog posts, creating YouTube videos, or doing something completely different.

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