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Thursday, May 30, 2024

8 Best Passive Income Apps to Earn Extra Money

The majority of us earn our living through Passive income. Performing a specific task while being compensated for your efforts. However, there are ways to increase your passive income.

Real estate investing or other significant investments may be involved. However, some apps for passive income might be able to assist you there. The best part is that there is absolutely no investment necessary! These are our top 6 apps for passive income, so forget about time-consuming side jobs and start earning extra cash today.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen had been in business for nearly a century. It has been around for 98 years, having been founded in 1923. They are primarily concerned with market research.

You may be familiar with the Nielsen rating, which is used to rate TV shows based on their viewership. Surprisingly, this company also coined the widely used term “market share.”

In these changing times, focusing on TV and radio is insufficient. Nielsen understands and wishes to conduct additional research in other media. One of them is internet and mobile phone usage in general. This gives you the opportunity to earn some extra passive income!

The Nielsen Computer Panel is one of the top passive income apps for mobile and computer devices. It deposits some free money into your bank account in exchange for collecting and monitoring your device usage.

There is nothing to be concerned about, despite the fact that it sounds slightly eerie. The monitoring that is being carried out is not directly related to you. Nielsen collects anonymous data that is only used to determine the market share of specific products, services, and so on.

It does not collect any sensitive information or data; instead, it simply monitors which websites you visit and games you play. And you get paid real money to do it!

Its use, like that of other passive income applications, is extremely simple. All you have to do is install the app and keep it running on your devices. It operates without your active participation and simply does its job “under the hood.” All you need to do is keep the app installed and use your phone or desktop device as usual.

In terms of earnings, you can expect to earn $50 per year with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. All of this is simply to keep the application installed and operational. Aside from that, you can get some chances to win big prizes each month because they hold various contests (sweepstakes). It also provides a welcome bonus.

Given that this is one of the best apps to make money is free to use and all you need to do is have the app installed, you should give it a shot and start earning money! It is, without a doubt, a fantastic passive income opportunity.


MobileXpression, while not as well-known or as old as Nielsen, is a very similar passive income app to the one mentioned earlier. However, it is only a mobile app (not available on desktop devices), and you must use mobile data to connect to the internet. Despite this, it is one of the best money-making apps for passive income.

On MobileXpression, you are compensated for allowing their company to monitor your mobile usage habits, such as the websites you visit, the apps you use, the games you play, the amount of time you spend watching videos, and so on.

The information gathered is used for research purposes, such as determining how to improve and make the advertisements more appealing. You earn money while also helping the market improve!

This app to make money, like Nielsen Panel, works silently in the background of your mobile device, which means you don’t have to do anything actively to earn money. You simply need to download and install the app.

The disadvantage is that it is not supported by all mobile devices. We recommend visiting their website to ensure that you are not running the app on your device in order to get paid.

After a week of using this app, you will receive a $5 Amazon gift card as a starting incentive to continue using it.

As you may have guessed, the rewards provided by MobileXpression are in the form of gift cards rather than actual money. Aside from Amazon, you can also get coupons for Best Buy and Starbucks. Regardless of the payment method, you earn passive income this way.

The rewards are about once a month and are worth $5. Points accumulated over time can be redeemed for larger cash value gift cards, such as those worth $10. This is an excellent option in the market for money-making apps.

The disadvantages are that your mobile internet connection would be monitored, and the rewards would not be monetary. The biggest advantage that outweighs the drawbacks is that it allows you to earn completely passive income. Simply install, run, and enjoy your gift cards!


This one is ideal for those who prefer to walk instead of driving or taking public transportation. You may be wondering why, if we’re talking about passive income apps, we’re including something that requires activity.

The reasoning is that if you’re going to walk somewhere anyway, why not get paid for it? This is where the passive part comes in, and Sweatcoin rewards you for exactly that – walking! It is truly a one-of-a-kind solution in the world of passive income apps, and it is without a doubt the best app that pays you to walk around.

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that rewards you with free money for the number of steps you take each day. It rewards you with one Sweatcoin, the app’s currency, for every 1000 steps you take.

Sweatcoin can then be exchanged for various goods, services, discounts, and so on in the Sweatcoin marketplace. Their products are surprisingly cool, such as wireless headphones and even jewelry! Although you will not be able to cash out using PayPal, this marketplace has something for everyone. As a result, instead of spending money on them, you would receive them for free.

Aside from that, you can participate in auctions on the Sweatcoin marketplace. It works similarly to eBay or other similar websites in that an offer for a rather expensive item (a $500 Nike gift card, new Xbox console, or even a full-on propane grill!) is posted, and you and other users bid your accumulated Sweatcoin. Whoever makes the highest bid wins.

Sweatcoin is a great way to earn money for doing something you’d do anyway – walking around. It’s also a great way to motivate yourself to walk more than usual, turning a simple task like walking into one of your side hustles. Walking is a great way to earn more money!

As with MobileXpression, points cannot be redeemed for cash (via PayPal, for example). You’d have to trade them in for specific products or discounts. It is, however, still free money.

Furthermore, Sweatcoin will launch its cryptocurrency in the future, which means you will be able to convert your accumulated points to cryptocurrency! A fantastic option for those who walk and are interested in the crypto world! And, of course, because cryptocurrencies can be traded, it is possible to earn additional income from them.

Sweatcoin is one of the best money making apps because it allows you to earn passive income simply by walking around. It might fall into the semi-passive income category because you’d have to walk around, but hey, you’d earn points (as well as rewards) for doing something you’d have done anyway! How much you can expect to earn is entirely dependent on how active you are.


As we previously discussed a passive income app for those of you who enjoy walking, this one is for those of you who enjoy music!

Current is a passive income app that pays you to listen to music. It rewards you with points for listening to thousands of curated playlists from various genres.

You will find a station just for you because the number is large. It is available on both the Google Play and the iOS app stores.

It is extremely popular, making it one of the best apps for passive income. Every day, millions of users profit from it.

Surprisingly, the more time you spend on this passive income app listening to music, the more money you earn. Spending approximately 6 hours per week listening to music could generate $600 in passive income. Isn’t that a nice amount of extra money? It should be noted, however, that on this app, you will earn rewards in the form of points. However, you can exchange them for a variety of gift cards or simply opt to exchange them all for cash via PayPal.

If you don’t want to pay for a Spotify or Deezer subscription but still want to listen to music, this is a fantastic passive income option (and earn rewards on the side). Of course, because the curated playlists function like radio stations, you will be unable to skip songs. On the other hand, it’s a great way to discover new music.

You can, however, save the songs you like for offline listening in your spare time. This functionality is built into the free passive income app. It’s as simple as pressing the “save” button!

Given the previous app we discussed for passive income, Sweatcoin, many of us walk around with headphones in our ears to make the experience more enjoyable. After all, it’s preferable to march to the beat of a song than to listen to passing cars.

You would be killing two birds with one stone if you used both Sweatcoin and Current as your passive income apps of choice. It would be prudent to do so in order to increase your earnings. After all, you’d be earning money just by walking and listening to music!


Acorns is one of the simplest investment apps on the market for making extra money. It is also one of the best passive income apps available! It operates in a very straightforward manner. That is, after you link your credit card or debit card to the app, every purchase you make is rounded up to the nearest dollar. Of course, it also works when shopping online.

This essentially means that if you buy something for $17.72, it will be rounded up to $18, and $0.28 will be added to your Acorns account as an investment/savings, thereby opening your investment portfolio.

Those few cents of passive income collected are deposited into your Acorns account and invested in a specific venture.

All of this happens without your intervention; all you have to do is go shopping as usual, and then check on your investments – the money you saved may begin to grow quickly! It is a hybrid of a passive income app and a micro-investing app that could significantly aid your personal finance goals.

It is an excellent way to generate passive income while going about your daily activities. It is also an excellent option for those who want to invest but do not have large sums of money or do not know where to begin. It is a money-making app that allows you to do multiple things with little effort.

The amount of extra cash you can earn as passive income is determined by the number of purchases you make.

It would be a wise decision to link your most frequently used credit or debit card to your Acorns account. As you make the most purchases on it, you will begin to build an investment portfolio and an income stream!

Unlike other passive income apps, it also provides a cashback solution, which means you can get more free money by making purchases through the Acorns app. As a result, it is also the best app for saving money.

It could help you save money while also loading up your bank account or credit card. All of this is done through passive income! It is truly one of the more unusual ways to generate passive income. It also allows you to invest without prior knowledge and may pique your interest in this craft, turning it into a lucrative side hustle.

The disadvantage of using Acorns as a passive income app is that it requires a monthly fee to use. It costs $3 per month. However, if you use your primary credit card on it, the monthly fee will be minimal. Overall, it is an excellent passive income app for both earning and saving money online.


OnMyWay is one of the most intriguing online money-making apps available. It is designed for people who drive a car and can’t take their phone out of their hands while doing so.

This passive income app compensates you for… not texting while driving. Needless to say, texting while driving is both dangerous and illegal, but if you can’t stop yourself, go ahead and download OnMyWay!

It operates in a straightforward manner. For every mile (1.6 meters) you drive without texting, you earn $0.01. That’s it; there’s nothing else to it. You are rewarded for being responsible and safe.

This passive income opportunity is unique in that it provides a sign-up bonus as an incentive to join. You would currently receive $10 just for signing up. Using the referral program would also increase your passive income because you would receive $2 for referring a friend.


Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a cash-back service that can be very useful in order to save money.

Rakuten, like other cash-back services, gives you a percentage of your purchase amount back as long as you use their service. It works by using affiliate offers, where you get some money back and the provider gets some money back as well. It is a free app that allows you and others to earn money.

It is one of the best passive income apps for helping you achieve your personal finance goals and save money. It’s worth looking into if you’re looking to make a large purchase, such as a new smart TV or smartphone.

Rakuten can also be used to make smaller purchases, such as gift cards. Because it is, well, an app, all purchases are made through online shopping. This cash-back solution is completely legitimate and worth a try, with millions of users.

When you have some free time, simply link your credit card to this app, shop online, and begin earning money. It is a very simple way to generate passive income, especially when you are making purchases you would have made anyway! Another advantage of this cash-back app is that it works through a browser extension, making it one of the simplest ways to earn money online.


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